Why Your Retail Business Needs Great Signage Right Now

Why Your Retail Business Needs Great Signage Right Now

Installing good signage is one of the major steps to be taken when opening a business. Signage is so ingrained in everyday life that while certain signage might go unnoticed when it is present, it is sorely missed when it is absent.


Visual emblems and signage have a very powerful and persuasive impact on your customers and clients. Here are some reasons why your retail business needs quality signage right now:


Boosting Brand Visibility and Recognition


Maybe you covered all your bases in terms of business operation and marketing, but if you don’t have quality signage for your physical location it becomes very difficult for people to find you. Without adequate signage, you might be missing out on business!


In addition to wayfinding and location, well-designed signage can also reflect your company values and business branding. Think similar color, typography, vocabulary, and sensibility. Each of the signs around your retail business space will reinforce the feeling that you want to convey with your carefully crafted brand identity.


This goes a long way in distinguishing your business from competitors and boosting brand visibility and recognition. A certain kind of signage belonging to your company that is unique to your business can be recognized by customers anywhere!


Business Ethics and Values


Signage can be used to convey that you are in touch with contemporary events and changing lifestyle trends. It can also be used to convey your business ethics, for example, customer safety, ethical sourcing, and so much more! Instead of depending on people to read up lengthy explanations on your brand values, why not just have clever signage to deliver the same messages?


Making a Smart Impression


Signage is the primary link between you and your customers, they are as essential to your sales and customer base as a sales representative. According to a FedEx study, 70% of customers believe that smart and efficient signage is a sign of reliable customer service and trustworthy products. Poor signage can be immediately associated with shoddy customer service and unprofessionalism, even if that’s not the case! 


Signage is an extremely crucial part of customer interaction that can make a lasting impression. Well-designed signage makes your business memorable in the minds of your customers.


Boosting Sales


Did you know that clever point-of-sales signs can actually persuade people to buy more? These can help influence your customers’ spending behavior, promote increased impulse buying, and promote underperforming products! 


According to the same FedEx survey mentioned above, 76% of customers said that they entered a store for the first time, entirely based on their signs! 

city with signage everywhere

Need some more convincing? Here are some mind-blowing statistical facts from surveys on signage utilization by FedEx and the University of Cincinnati – Nearly 75% of customers said that they had told others about a business solely on the basis of their impression of their unique signage! Approximately 67% of the consumers surveyed said they had purchased a product or service solely because a sign caught their eye. Roughly 60% of businesses reported that altering the design or improving the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, the number of transactions, and profits, with an average increase of about up to 10%. 


Having high-quality and attractive signage is a 24/7/365 advertisement. Investing in outsourcing your business signage creation to an agency with the right expertise is, simply put, a smart business decision. If you’re ready to step up your signage game, let us know!


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