Why subscription plans are perfect for modern businesses

Why subscription plans are perfect for modern businesses

Accounting Ease

Consolidation of billing and predictability.

No one wants to have 10 different bills from different vendors with different points of contact. All this does is add more work for any business owner and this is the last thing that they need. Worst of all, most companies on hourly tend to not work efficiently and its not in the nature of the billing itself!

When an hourly-billing model is utilized, “[an] agency is not incentivized to work efficiently and may, even unintentionally, add unproductive hours to the work,” writes Chris Goward, co-founder and CEO Widerfunnel”


One point of contact that embraces the task or issue and takes it upon themselves to get it done. Just like a good employee would. Having this one person to “summon” to deal with what you need, it makes it easier to get what you need done when you are busy. Over time it will all just become auto-pilot and you can use us when you need and if not we will just keep chugging along without your intervention.


The web, tech, and print industries are much more linked than most believe. They all need each other to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing any business large or small. Larger companies hire web designers, graphic designers, programmers, UI designers, pre press operators, IT personnel, etc. and have to manage them all in house. The problem with this is that if these people were doing their job right, you would need very few of them. We have people that are masters of their trade in each industry to provide you with quality, without all the headache and massive cost of having your own employees. How can you manage people when you don’t even know what they do?


I think it’s safe to say that these services have transcended from being optional and have essentially become utility. With that, comes simplified billing and ease. Like the old adage “Nothing is certain but death or taxes”, your marketing and technology bills only keep growing and seem to add bandages to solve problems when many times there is a better or more efficient solution. Not only that, they demand excessive amounts of your time! Get a bundled subscription package to combine your web presence, graphic design, content creation, printing & signage and get back to running your business.