Why Ongoing Communication is Key to Your Success

Why Ongoing Communication is Key to Your Success

Communication is the key to success for any business, large or small. If your organization doesn’t communicate, it makes achieving goals and completing tasks much harder. So, the need for constant communication, especially in today’s world, is vital for business.


There are many ways to communicate and share information in our modern world. Many businesses utilize email to share news and updates. Other companies use messaging apps and software. Whatever your business uses, make sure it’s ongoing and consistent.


Email is Ok


An email has undoubtedly been revolutionary when it comes to rapid communication. However, with some amazing alternatives like Slack becoming available, is it finally time to leave email behind? While it is still widely used and preferred, let’s look at some reasons why it might be outdated now:


  • Email can be disruptive to workflow! Going through each of several emails containing different aspects of work to be done can be cumbersome and distracting.
  • Without an email alert system, emails are susceptible to being overlooked. This could potentially result in massive communication gaps.
  • Emails barely encourage nonverbal and semi-formal/informal communication. Without the personal touch induced by these, communication by email often becomes dry and impersonal.
  • Emails and attachments from emails might contain dangerous malware that could disable your business software completely.


Alternatives for Email


These are only a few of the numerous disadvantages of depending on email for business communication. No wonder business houses are rapidly shifting to newer and better ongoing communication alternatives! Here are some brilliant alternatives to email communication:


  • Slack: Ever since its inception, Slack has reduced vast volumes of email exchanges. Informally known as the ’email-killer’, Slack lets you consolidate all your communication into one space! Unlike cumbersome email chains, on Slack, team members can join and leave separate channels and conversations as is convenient.
  • Proofhub: ProofHub is essentially a proofing and project management software. It provides a fantastic alternative to lengthy email threads by centrally storing important files, comments, updates, and feedback that can be accessed at any time! 
  • Yammer: You can stay connected to Yammer through its app that is available on both iOS and Android. Add documents, photos, and videos to conversations that can be easily accessed and avoid the hassle of hunting for specific information on email chains!
  • Fastmail: Fastmail is a brilliant alternative as it is feature-rich with a very simple and accessible interface! Automated email invites, a customizable anti-spam filter, mail prioritization and pinning, and a calendar sync option are amongst some of the innovative and useful features on this platform. 
  • Google Hangouts: Google Hangouts, another Google classic, offers a wonderful alternative to traditional email. It comes with the options of messaging, individual and group video chat, SMS, VOIP features. This makes it a multifaceted communication platform that can serve virtually all your communication needs! 


Email vs Alternatives? A Comparison:


Email, as we know, is completely free. While some of the alternatives do require some payment, like Slack. Slack is free with limited features as well, but they do offer two paid subscriptions with exciting additional features!


Email is very traditional by allowing replies, forwards, and long email chains. As a great alternative to individual and group emails, programs like Slack provide features like direct messaging, conversation channels, conversation pins, and valuable customizations.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of using programs like Slack over email is that almost all your work can be within one single user interface!


A Nice Mixture


While the importance of emailing has received a blow from these alternatives, it continues to be widely popular. Most users in business say that they prefer an optimum mixture of traditional emailing and newer platforms that provide features like team chats.


The thought of using one program, like email, is appealing as it can simplify work processes and training. However, introducing new programs and options for communication can be a great way to modernize your business and possibly increase productivity. It can be cumbersome to learn new programs, but it can be beneficial in the end. And the communication stream keeps flowing.


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