Why is a Single Point Digital Marketing Agency Better?

Why is a Single Point Digital Marketing Agency Better?

At any given moment you are juggling nine tasks, four newly implemented ideas, six employee concerns, two energy drinks, and that high maintenance (I mean “highly valued”) client’s request for yet another change on a project behind schedule and testing your limits. Let’s be honest, as exhilarating as developing and leading your business can be, it’s also a bit exhausting. But all that hard work and sacrifice is paying off and the clients and sales, aided by your recent digital marketing efforts, are rolling in… Or are they? 


As a business owner in a digital age, you understand that the internet influences consumer behavior. But did you know that “where to buy” and “near me” mobile queries have increased 200%? How about the fact that before making a purchase 85% of people will do online research, but 75% won’t scroll past the first page of results? It is essential for your business’s growth to be seen in your target audience’s searches. 


So, maybe you start by learning that the top two factors in determining Google search ranks are high-quality content and link building and you focus your efforts there. But then you hear you can increase organic traffic by 106% simply by republishing old blog posts with new content and images, so you do some writing. But these are just a few ice crystals that make up the tip of the iceberg! Pretty soon you find yourself overwhelmed, chasing advice, and falling short on results. 


Understanding our increasingly digital world and successfully swaying trends in your favor is vital for your business. This is why outsourcing to a digital marketing agency holds such a draw. A digital marketing agency frees you from guesswork and rookie mistakes, bringing traffic right to your business and delivering proven, profitable results.


 Why Hiring One Digital Marketing Agency is an Advantage


So, the decision is made and you want to up your digital marketing game (congrats!); but now, you need a plan of attack. There are two main routes. The first is to research digital marketing, hire individual agencies or specialists (website developer, social media guru, graphic designer, SEO, etc.), then manage the big picture yourself. The second and better (sorry, my mistake – I meant more productive, effective, and stress-free) option is to hire one digital marketing agency to deliver a cohesive strategy for your brand.


Still not sure a single agency could bring more value than farming out individual tasks? Think of it in terms of building a house. With that HGTV-inspired grit, you could direct the project relying on pieced-together understanding and subcontractors; or you could hire a general contractor and let them use their proven industry know-how and resources to build your dream. Which one realistically has the best chance of success?


Hiring one digital marketing agency offers you a team of seasoned professionals, up to date on trends, with measurable success rates. This will save you time and energy, eliminate miscommunication, generate cohesive brand representation, and is overall more cost-effective than “DIY” digital marketing. 


 Let’s break this down even further.


Allocate Time to What Matters


First, let’s talk about your time (or complete lack thereof). We have never been as accessible as we are in this day and age due to our beloved technology and devices. Your time and attention are in constant demand and yet you only have so much bandwidth before you start skimming the line of burnout. Not to mention, your time is precious, right?


If given the choice between –  time spent learning about websites and landing pages, SEO strategies, effective keywords, and building backlinks then coordinating zoom meetings between specialists, reviewing and revising design strategies, and granting approvals… or… a fun getaway with friends, date night with your spouse, and watching your daughter’s first goal in soccer – would you pick the first? Of course not! 


When you opt for one digital marketing agency, you will have a designated point of contact simplifying all your communications. Your team will collaborate on your campaign and initiate strategies behind the scenes to get you where you want to be. They won’t bother you for anything but high-level decisions. This clears you and your schedule for the things that truly matter, in your business and in your life. 


No Time Wasted Resolving Artistic Differences 


Have you ever tried to convince two people who are adamant in their “right-ness”, to shift their stance and compromise? (Are you also experiencing flashbacks of Holiday dinners with family, or is it just me?) Working with multiple specialists means you act as a go-between for each individual to negotiate elements like strategy, content, and graphic design. It is your job to make sure everyone is on the same page. 


By employing one digital marketing agency, you have a complete team well-versed in each other’s strengths ready to work for you. They operate with respect for their colleague’s expertise and bring a demonstrated history of effective collaboration and solution generation. Trust me, if they are not an effective team it will show in their record of results, so just be sure you do your homework first.


One Point of Contact


Communication can mean the difference between a great result and a jumbled mess. When using one digital marketing agency you will have one point of contact. This is such a weight off your back! The risk of ideas lost in translation or updates being overlooked is eliminated. Your team is connecting regularly and working as a well-oiled machine on your brand. Your one point of contact will use your input and approval to guide the team toward your campaign’s goal, leaving your inbox a lot less crowded.  


Working with One Deadline


When working with multiple specialists, you are also juggling separate deadlines. Not only that, but you risk delays from one specialist that can impact the timeline of every other project. 


When using one digital marketing agency you are given one deadline. Any obstacles encountered are worked out between you and the team to keep your strategy on track. This clears your schedule of numerous deadlines and gets rid of updating each specialist on new timelines and holdups.     


Build a Lasting Relationship


When hiring multiple specialists, your attention is required to foster all these new relationships at once. As time goes on new specialists may be added or replaced, adding potential time delays and a learning curve for everyone involved. 


In contrast, working with one digital marketing agency allows you to generate a stronger, sustainable relationship. With this consistency, both sides develop extensive knowledge of your brand and goals and hold a deeper understanding of each other’s work styles. Resolving any setbacks will prove more efficient and inspiring with this partnership already established.   


Eliminate Ego


An overwhelming ego cannot endure a team environment for very long, but it can certainly work alone. This is something to consider when assembling your own digital marketing “team”. There is no guarantee a specialist will respect another’s work or even grasp the value offered by other branches of digital marketing. Ego can easily cause tension and disputes that will be up to you to referee.


When you hire one digital marketing agency, they know it is a team effort; without unison and cohesion, their plan has a lot less impact. The main goal is to present you with profitable results and the most successful strategy. Effective teams will not allow one person to hold up an entire project. If you did your research and invest in a quality digital marketing agency, they will recognize everyone’s worth and each will contribute appropriately to the strategy.  


Solid and Cohesive Strategy


Think about a handful of M&M’s and Skittles. Sure, they are similar at a glance – small, circular, colorful, sweet, white letter logo on their coating, and it’s candy! What could go wrong? Eat them in one bite though and it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. The same can be seen when hiring different specialists for your brand. At face value, your brand seems fine, but the voice, graphics, etc. may be too distinctive to blend together well. Without the benefit of consulting as a team, you run the risk of a disjointed campaign and varied intentions.


Hiring one digital marketing agency gives you a clear and cohesive design across the board. The tone, message, design, etc. will reflect the same style and give you a distinct brand that exhibits both confidence and competence to your target audience. By utilizing a team effort, you get the brand you want and eliminate the hassle of managing back and forth creative confusion. 


More Cost-Effective in the Long Run


Let’s look at a very simplified explanation of a mutual fund. In a mutual fund, you invest a sum of money that experts combine with other investors’ money to create a professionally managed portfolio that brings a greater return in the future. These experts will pool all the funds and disperse them amongst high-value, profitable investments (stocks, bonds, etc.), that you would not be able to afford or even figure out on your own. Over time these investments increase in monetary value and in the end, you get a nice big payday (fingers crossed).


Much like investing in stocks alone, hiring individual specialists is going to cost more. The more skills and expertise a specialist holds, the more they charge. More often than not these will be set rates and cannot be negotiated. This either leaves you sacrificing potential earnings with less knowledgeable, but cheaper, specialists or funneling money from other areas in your business to increase your marketing budget. But here’s the thing – you deserve both an expert strategy and a positive return on investment.


This is achievable by employing one digital marketing agency. As with a mutual fund, you will gain access to an entire team of experts who will allocate resources amongst high-value, profitable digital marketing platforms at a better overall cost to you. As time passes these efforts will accumulate “interest” on social media and Google through proven strategies. Yes, you will still spend some money with a digital marketing agency; but agencies are better equipped to offer custom contracts and packages to fit your budget while still providing expertise. That initial investment will snowball and yield a larger return in sales and profits. 


Package Deals Within Budget


Digital marketing agencies may offer special deals and discounts, like our Mondo package deals, so you can access all the digital tools you want at a price that fits your budget. This is an invaluable asset because you receive the same benefits listed above, tailor-made for your business’s digital marketing goals. 


Choosing one digital marketing agency is the best approach for profitable results and directing online traffic to your business. If you are looking to enhance your business’s digital marketing, visit us at trymondo.com, our team is always excited to be a part of your success!


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