Why Blogs are a Must Marketing Technique

Why Blogs are a Must Marketing Technique

Blogs are everywhere and are essential in your marketing plan! Personal blogs, professional blogs, art blogs, blogs about blogs – all of these provide crucial information and build brand awareness. Blogging (if done well), can be one of the most important and productive things you do for many reasons! First, let’s get started with an important question.


What is a Blog?


Have you ever read an article online, maybe one you found after searching a question or search term? That’s a blog! Blogs are articles that allow you or your business to educate, inform, express thoughts and stories, insights, and more on a website. These articles can be on any topic! Blogs are oftentimes referred to as an online journal or educational on some websites. 


Why a Blog?


Get this: Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI on their efforts. Also, businesses that publish 16 or more posts per month receive 3.5 times more traffic than those who publish fewer than four posts.


Without a blog on your website, you may run into a number of problems. Poor search engine optimization (SEO), lack of educational and informative articles to share with your customers, no content to share on social media, and fewer pages on your website are all issues that may arise. Blogs are great for generating leads, calls-to-action (CTA’s), social content, and conversation starters. So let’s say you are a brand new startup. Publishing information on a blog will boost your visibility, accessibility, and reach. How? Let’s take a look!


Computer with journal in front

Enhance Search Engine Optimization 


Blogs are a fantastic way to enhance your website’s search engine optimization organically! By creating fresh content, your business is constantly providing search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing with useful content loaded with SEO-optimized key terms. 


People search for specific content, products, or services on the internet using specific keywords. By using these keywords in your blog posts, you can push your services and products higher up on the list of results showing up! Blogs, therefore, are an inexpensive and efficient way to boost traffic to your website. 


Blogs Boost Inbound Links 


Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website than those who don’t. Now that is something you can’t overlook! 


Inbound links are links that go back to your website. These can be on your blogs, external blogs, or any articles published on the web. Having high-quality inbound links and backlinks is extremely important when it comes to search engine results. If your content is high quality and your posts are getting attention, you are more likely to get inbound links. 


Blogging for Marketing


Blogs are amongst the best marketing tools out there. Additionally, they are effective income generators and allow for valuable collaborations and endorsements. At the same time, a blog will allow you to share the more genuinely personal bases of your business and vision when your customers. 


Creating a brand requires establishing a proper vision that your audience can trust and connect to. As opposed to traditional marketing which usually demands brevity, a blog will allow you to enumerate your brand vision, especially with a wider variety of multimedia representation. Blogs can be used to publish interviews, podcasts, videos, and so much more.


Someone on iPadBlogging for Social Media Use


Blogs are essential for a successful social media campaign. If you are wanting to drive high-quality engagement, you must have blogs to promote. As HubSpot put it  “your blog informs your social media posts. You promote your blog there, enriching your followers’ experience with articles and other content.” Don’t miss out on opportunities to engage, promote, and increase your brand awareness. 


Organic Engagement With Audience


The comments section of a blog gives you a great opportunity for direct engagement, by encouraging knowledge sharing and discussions. Even negative opinions matter! They took out the time to check out your blog and it is important to hear them out for alternative perspectives. It is a brilliant way to improve your products and show your audience that you care about them!


Blogging Pro Tip: Develop Consistency 


Set up a solid schedule to make your blog a regular feature in your audience’s week. They will gradually grow habituated to expecting content from you, and look forward to your professional expertise! 


A schedule will make sure your blog is up to date. Posting regularly builds trust with your followers, who will look forward to hearing from you on relevant and contemporary issues. At the same time, posting trustworthy, well-researched, and substantial content is absolutely paramount to ensuring a sustainable audience base. With consistent blogging, your brand can claim a strong web presence and eventually gain a reputation in one particular relevant field of knowledge or interest.




Increasing your online exposure through blogging is an absolute must for your business. However, it is understandable if you do not have the time or resources to devote to creating a blog, after managing a business. Therefore, it is always a great investment to outsource the creation of blog posts to digital marketing and content creation agencies, like us, who possess the right expertise and knowledge! Contact us to learn more about content creation and marketing for you.


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