Online Presence

We work with you...

to personalize an online presence that is designed to boost sales, exposure, and ultimately reach your vision.  No matter if you are looking to boost revenue on an online store, build client portals, promote services, or even create a CV page with your resume… We are there for you from start to finish.



Web design should adhere to the users preferences and actions no matter the screen size or device type.  Responsiveness is an important quality that we implement to ensure your website is top notch and user friendly.  

Secure & Scalable

Having a secure website is important, particularly when building an online store that accepts credit card transactions.  Mondo is mindful of the security needed and will ensure you and your customers are protected with industry standard encryption.

Speed & Optimization

Any website can attract viewers, however, slow performance will prevent users from coming back.  We continuously run speed tests to ensure the speed of your website is optimal and efficient using the fastest CDNs in the industry.


Social Media

Manage your social media accounts to help create brand recognition and increase organic web traffic.  Your website by itself is an undelivered newspaper.  Utilizing effective online presence is key to ensuring your brand and website works for you.



Brand Recognition

Powerful brands can be recognized universally with little knowledge about the business itself.  We focus on reaching your target audience and increasing brand recognition through powerful social media marketing.

Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic through social media allows your company to gain more leads and new customers.  Boosting website traffic is one of our main goals.  To ensure results, we review the analytics on a monthly basis with our clients.

maximum exposure

Many customers are interacting with companies through social media on a daily basis.  Using photography, videos, and riding the viral trends of the internet will ensure you or your business gets maximum exposure.