Our Services

For the price of one employee you get expertise in many fields with the sole purpose of consolidating your business marketing & tech.


A  website without a strong marketing presence online is an article in an undelivered newspaper.  Websites are not an end-all solution, so we provide an ongoing marketing strategy and build your website for FREE!

*Average national cost on services without a package

FREE Full Stack Web Development

Hosting Included
Email hosting/webmaster
Updates as needed
Front and Back-end development
Ongoing SEO
Access to edit website

Social Media Management

Company wide


One per month
Content creation
Decipher analytics

Graphic Design

Physical marketing 
Digital marketing
And more…


Monthly reports on all platforms
Monthly advertisement reports
Quarterly Reviews

Instant Chat Communication

Communication with account manager
Responses within 24 hours
Eliminate emails to keep inbox clean
Idea sharing

Online Ads

Management of all ads
Google Adwords
Bing Marketing
Business Pages
Social Media Campaigns


One per month
Posted across all channels
Content creation and design

Video Editing

Social Media

Additional Social Media Channels

All other social channels such as:
Facebook Pixel
YouTube Management

Live Phone/Chat Agent

Support your customers
Works hours or 24/7

AI Support

*$1,000/one time
Artificial Intelligence based support with auto responders
Runs 24/7


Monthly photo shoots including:
Company headshots
Product shots
Any photography needed
Digital copies (edited)


Online store setup
Store management
Product/inventory upkeep
SEO across all items
Updates as needed

Video Production

Company video
YouTube promotions
Promotional videos


Any updates to full enterprise environments, we know how to not only may your technology work properly but consolidate them into your business processes. This creates an environment that utilizes technology to boost sales and lower overhead.

Full Company-Wide White Glove IT Service

Disk Space, Disk Health, CPU Usage, Antivirus Software, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall, Online State, Event Logs, Windows Services, Processes

Node-Level Cloud Back Up Setup & Maintenance

(Setup Included, Data billed @ $0.20/mo/GB)
Backup Unlimited Endpoints, File-Level Remote Restore, D2C Backup, Backup Cycle and Scheduling, Bandwidth Throttling, Automatic Deduplication, Scalability 

Live Agent Anti-Malware & Anti-Virus Protection

Always Up to Date, Real-Time Protection, USB Auto Scan, Scheduling, Anti-Maleware Policies, Scan Protection, Alerts & Notifications

Live Remote Support

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm MST

Any problem you have on Windows, Mac OS X, Android or iOS… We are here for you! Create a new ticket and we will get you running like new.

On-Site Support

Networking / WiFi Installation 
Computer Hardware Support
POS (Point of Sale)
Server Management
NAS (Network Attached Storage Installation)

Answers to Your Questions

How important is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is important for your business because it drives customer traffic to your website. By increasing your SEO your site will continue to rise in search rankings or maintain its high status. 

Why shouldn’t I run my own social media for my business?

Running social media for your business can be very time consuming. Not only does it need to be strategic for optimal exposure, social media platforms are constantly changing making it difficult to stay up to date. Social media is a full time job and needs constant attention.

How does combining my marketing services into one subscription with Mondo Solutions benefit me?

Combining all your marketing needs into one subscription means consistency among all digital and physical marketing. For less than the cost of an average employee, Mondo Solutions helps save time, energy, and money while increasing your brand recognition and online presence.

Why do you provide print products and not outsource?

By printing in house we provide to quality products for a better price. This keeps your brand consistent because your digital and physical marketing are done under one roof with a company that knows you and your business. 

What are the perks of having remote IT services?

Every business needs IT support.  Whether its regular updates, virus removal or even just issues with email.  When your technology doesn’t work, you don’t work.  Staffing IT members for your business is very costly and is not always necessary.  This is why we charge per computer so when you do have an issue, with a few clicks, you are in an enterprise level IT support ticketing system to get any issues resolved immediately.

I just need my computer fixed, why do I need and IT guy?

Just like your automobile, preventative maintenance for your tech is very important.  Regular software and OS updates, hardware updates and data redundancy is crucial to keeping everything running.  It’s never a good time to fix things when you are down and scrambling to get back up and running.  Our integrated health monitoring software that is included with our remote platform alerts us to issues with your computer before it becomes a costly issue.