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Lakeside Insurance

Just a couple of marketing updates and campaigns for an already highly successful business. Portray the benefits of independent insurance agents and a new, fast, and easy website to navigate.

  • ServicesGraphic Design, Web Design & Hosting, Content Creation, Social Media, Printing

Tools we used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Corel Draw
  • PromoRepublic
  • Webflow

Our work

Lakeside Portfolio

About Lakeside Insurance

Founded in 1962, Lakeside Insurance is a full service, Trusted Choice, Independent Insurance Agency with offices located in Colorado and Michigan. Lakeside provides a unique, diagnostic and consultative approach when working with our clients to help manage and mitigate risk.

Impressions are Important

For Lakeside Insurance, their professionalism, knowledge, and experience is portrayed through graphic design, social media, website design, content creation, and all printed promotional products to maintain the feel of reliability and stability to clients.

Design Samples for Print

No matter what you are designing for, the branding, colors, and fonts of each piece need to be consistent to ensure you are recognized and remembered by all potential viewers. Print and digital products can be designed as one, eliminating the possibility of inconsistencies or misrepresented brands.

What We Do

New Website with Hosting and Managed Social Media Profiles

Websites are essential to any successful modern business. Without a modern, responsive website, most viewers will leave immediately. Our refresh of Lakeside Insurance website ensures that their marketing campaigns have a professional landing page that answers the user’s questions without hassle or irritation. Following the new website, a solid social media campaign with consistent management pushes users to appropriate link, page, or document.

What's next


A brand-new identity paired with a new website and topped off with consistent and strategic social media campaigns. As these projects get honed in on we will expand marketing efforts into advertising, podcasts, YouTube channels and much more!