Information Technology

From regular computer maintenance...

and updates to full enterprise environments, we know how to not only make your technology work properly but consolidate them into your business processes. This creates an environment that utilizes technology to boost sales and lower overhead.



From full sized networks to your home wifi system.  We can make sure your network stays up and working at its best.  We are CNCI and insured technicians to ensure your network has the latest technology and is installed to local construction code requirements.

Software as a service

There are a millions of online services that all claim to be the best when providing finance solutions, CRMs, email, cloud storage, etc.  We spend countless hours researching these services and trying them out.  Let us help you choose the right one!  


Need a router?  Computer?  WiFi hotspot? A point of sale system?  We know exactly what types of systems you need for your unique purpose and can even build a custom solution for you if necessary.



Most support issues can be resolved in just a few minutes with our remote tech service.  Anything from virus removal to data loss, reach out to us.


Sometimes issues require on site support.  We come to you for larger applications such as printers, scanners, servers, network connectivity, and POS systems.


Larger companies have massive information systems that are distributed over large geographical areas.  Nothing is too large for Mondo.  We have the ability to assemble large and small teams to achieve whatever you need.