Is Physical Marketing Still Effective?

Is Physical Marketing Still Effective?

Believe it or not, the whole world is not staring at their phone screen all the time. Not every ad needs to be a digital one. Print and physical marketing are still viable and excellent ways to market your business or service. And it’s even more effective when paired with a digital marketing strategy. Keeping your business and its brand cohesive across all platforms.


There are plenty of people who still rely on printed materials for their marketing. Because it’s handy, inexpensive, and still very effective. There is a multitude of ways you can use a printed copy for your business advertising.


Visual Impact


Physical marketing goods such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and business cards have the benefit of providing a visual impact to your business. The quick and tactile nature of physical products can give you an impact that stands out. For example, handing a customer a business card that is smooth with raised ink makes it more memorable and an opportunity for you to stand out. Like you know what you are doing. . .


A display of physical products like brochures commands visual attention. Again, drawing customers in and marketing your business quickly. The brochures can provide a quick snapshot of your business and its purpose. And people can take them home with them or, hopefully, share with others to spread the word even more.


Physical printed goods provide an opportunity to use visual imagery on a tangible product to quickly and efficiently advertise your business.


Where Can I use It?


Almost everywhere. Flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and more allow you to market your business in a wide area. Being that the products are physical and deliverable, you can leave these flyers and brochures in different places.




These are little sales slicks, business cards, review request cards, etc. that you pack into the box of the product that you are shipping out. This allows for a more personal touch and gains exposure for repeat customers. They can also give you a chance to advertise sales or company updates.


The best part of pack-ins is that they can be customized to fit your brand. Similar to packaging, which is discussed later, a cutout pack-in with a sale on it can really add to the customer experience.




Not only can you have your business name on the bags or boxes for your product, but you can have flyers made to insert them in the packaging. Let people know about an upcoming sale, a new line of products or services, and any other type of event.


You can have them inserted into the local paper or magazine, pinned up on the bulletin board at the community center, the grocery store, or the medical center. They can be sent out with the regular mail, to make sure plenty of people see them.


As you can see, flyers can be spread around and shared with the community. Allowing for easy marketing with a wide reach.


Business Cards


Perfect for meetings, trade shows, or any type of function where you can meet potential clients. Nothing easier than handing over a business card. They are compact and yet contain all the information you need to get across. They are a quick reference for customers to use now and in the future. You can even make them memorable with a sleek design.


Have a stack of business cards at the ready. Then leave them at trade shows, restaurants that you visit, at meetings or conferences, or even on a bulletin board in a community building. People will see the business cards, possibly take one, and potentially become a customer and spread the word of your business. 




Brochures are another excellent way to convey information. You can get a lot of information on them and they are very convenient to hand out. They fold up nicely and are not bulky to retain. 


These can list all your products and services and they are handy for people to keep, so they can find you again. Ideal for beauty spas, takeaway restaurants, and even a how-to for your product or service. 




Small stickers with business info, a slogan, logo, or mascot are a great way to market your business using physical print goods. These are small tokens that people can take with them and use on different items, advertising your business without speaking to anyone.


Another great way to use stickers is to put a logo sticker on your personal items like a laptop computer or luggage bag. Then people see the logo or icon and can ask you more questions about the business. Giving you a chance to advertise by word of mouth as well.




Mondo BoxMost people don’t think of packaging as being physical marketing, but it absolutely is! The way that your product is packaged can tell a customer a lot about your company and the product itself. The design of the package can influence a customer’s buying decision. If the text is hard to read or the package itself is awkward, people may shy away from buying it.


If you are an eCommerce store, the packaging is even more critical. Send your customers something more than just a cardboard box and bubble wrap. Using modern printing technologies, you can design a box to have your logo on it and more. Making the unpacking experience for your customers one-of-a-kind.


Canvas Prints


Another often overlooked and forgotten print good is canvas prints. Most people correlate canvas prints with being home decor, but they can also be store decor. You can hang canvas prints of your local town in your restaurant. Make customers feel more at home in your dining establishment. Or hang pictures of your products!


With modern printing technology and updates, you can easily get canvas prints. And to make it even easier for you, Mondo partners with a company, Flat Pack Art, that can provide you with easy to build, yet sturdy canvas prints. 


Why Use Physical Marketing Materials


People still like to see and hold items. They are more likely to pass them on to someone and keep them as a reference. Whether it’s pizza menus or a price list for landscaping, they like to hang on to printed items.Mondo Stickers, Pins, and laptop


You can have your logo and slogan on the materials, plus all your contact information. Online ads are easy to ignore and bypass. Especially if people are trying to see it on a small screen. Printed materials have a level of credibility that makes them seem more trustworthy. In fact, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing. 


When using physical products, focus on the quality of the products versus the quantity. To do this make sure to create products with high-quality graphic design that portray your brand. Also, use high-quality print material as well. 


Print Isn’t Gone Yet


While it may seem that the world has transitioned from physical products to digital products, don’t discount physical goods. Include them in your marketing strategy to have a fully rounded, cohesive strategy. 


Mondo can keep your brand consistent and cohesive by providing a full marketing strategy with both digital and print. With high-quality in-house equipment, like printers, vinyl cutters, etc., and printing specialists, we can assist you with all your print needs. Be it small or large. Or even promotional goods.


After all, a strategy with both digital and print is the best way to really share your business and advertise it while maintaining a consistent brand and image.


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