Slide One Beautiful Graphic Design Graphic design is used everywhere. With great, thoughtful design everything else falls into place. See our Packages
WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_More Than One Designer

More Than One Designer

With a team of designers you don’t just get one option, you’ll get multiple ideas to choose from. This allows us to capture the true intent of the design.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

A branding guideline will be created for your company to maintain a consistent image across all platforms. Brand consistency is key.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Best Software

Best Software

We use the latest software to design vector elements. This makes it easier and faster to supply quality, scalable graphics in a timely manner.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Collaborative Revisions

Collaborative Revisions

We work with you to bring your vision to reality by providing insights and opinions, but also following your direction with initial design concept.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Artwork Ownership

Artwork Ownership

We keep it simple. . . All designs created for you and your brand are yours to keep. Use them with us, or take them wherever you see fit.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Approval Process

Approval Process

All hands are on deck in the design process. Our step-by-step process ensures your branding won’t be published without your final approval.

For startups or well-established

Logos, Branding, and Versatile Design

Let’s start with your brand

Rebranding is important to stay up with the latest trends and design styles. All the largest companies in the world regularly refresh their look, because it works We’ll design multiple layouts, different aspect ratios, and silhouette colors to ensure your brand looks properly in all scenarios. Even the smallest touches will set you apart. See an example of our branding guideline.

Icons, wireframing & custom posts

Graphic Design for Websites & Social Media

Designing for website and social media

All websites and social media pages require original, modern graphics. They also require different design tactics and styles to ensure your pages are optimized for success. If your website and social media pages need icons, isometrics, 3D graphics, or just simple wireframe layouts, Mondo can assist in every step of the way. Colorful, virant, and consistent brand designs across all your graphics is key to a good marketing strategy.

Design on a large scale

Printing and Signage Graphic Design

The most unrealized avenues of graphic design

Our 30+ years of experience designing signs and prints has made us experts in the industry. Whether we are designing for cut vinyl, vehicle letterings and wraps, LED signs, backlit letters, wide format prints, small-format prints, or any job that comes our way, we can be sure to provide you with all the elements needed to get the job done. Full-scale mock-ups, CAD drawings, vector files, and multiple design options to choose from are supplied to you for every job!


Adobe Certified Experts

Adobe Certified Experts

This just means we know what we are doing when it comes to using the leading Adobe vector graphic software.

CorelDraw Illustration

CorelDraw Illustration

We have used CorelDraw from its first version in the 80’s. It was powerful then and remains a niche but powerful vector editor.

Let’s Work Together

Let’s build your next graphic design project. Have more tasks we can help with? We can build you a marketing or graphic design package to save you money, time and complete all the tasks you have.