WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_More Than One Designer

More Than One Designer

With a team of designers you don’t just get one option, you’ll get multiple ideas to choose from. This allows us to capture the true intent of the design.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Branding Guidelines

Branding Guidelines

A branding guideline will be created for your company to maintain a consistent image across all platforms. Brand consistency is key.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Best Software

Best Software

We use the latest software to design vector elements. This makes it easier and faster to supply quality, scalable graphics in a timely manner.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Collaborative Revisions

Collaborative Revisions

We work with you to bring your vision to reality by providing insights and opinions, but also following your direction with initial design concept.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Artwork Ownership

Artwork Ownership

We keep it simple. . . All designs created for you and your brand are yours to keep. Use them with us, or take them wherever you see fit.

WebAssets20_ServiceIcons_GD_Approval Process

Approval Process

All hands are on deck in the design process. Our step-by-step process ensures your branding won’t be published without your final approval.

How It Works

Step 1

Submit A Request

Submit your design request with all the required information to receive an estimated completion date for the first draft. We will then begin creating designs for your project.

Step 2

Design Review

Submit your design request with all the required information to receive an estimated completion date for the first draft. We will then begin creating designs for your project.

Step 3

Approve Design & Download Files

Once you have signed off on the final product, you will receive all the project source files including all project sizes and formats you will need now and in the future.


Do I really get unlimited revisions?

Absolutely! Unlimited design revisions come with any of our Design Packages. We will complete those designs based on your package request rate.

How long do revisions take?

Revisions will take 1 business day at a minimum. We will notify you if we estimate a longer turnaround.

Is there a contract?

We run our business contract-free to provide clients the flexibility to cancel at any time. Once your card is charged for the next month you are subject to prorated returns. Chat with your designer or call us for further details.

Is there a trial period?

Currently, we do not offer a trial period. However, we are happy to work with you on the first project at an hourly rate to ensure our designs are a good fit for you.

Will you design for multiple brands?

Of course! Each design subscription provides a maximum number of brands you can assign to us, and no brand is off-limits.

How long does it take to get designs back?

Depending on your Design Package and the complexity of the design, the estimated completion time will vary. We will provide an estimate at the start of a project, before we start designing, to give you a better reference. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product that adheres to your brand and follows your guidance.

What can I get designed?

Anything you can envision, we can create! Here are some of our most common design requests:

  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Logos
  • Poster
  • Mobile User Interface (UI)
  • Single Page Website
  • Social Media Mastheads
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Profile Images
  • Stickers
  • T-shirts

Feel free to think outside the box. We can design anything for any project. Digital or physical. See our portfolio here for examples of our work!

What’s included?

We provide a few different design subscriptions tailored to the needs of our clients. Please contact us if you have questions about what package would be best for your needs.

Who owns the designs?

We provide a service, not a product. You will own the rights to any designs we create for you. We will provide all of the project files once you have approved the final product.