Photography is 90% of the work in content creation. Having high-resolution, professional post processed imagery makes all the difference when you are trying to stand out from the rest.


The best way to reach thousands of viewers online is videography. With an ever-growing need to be seen online, video is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach more people than ever.


Have you ever read an article online? You were most likely reading a blog. Blogs ensure your website certifies you and your company, informs, educates, and ultimately drives traffic to your site.

High-resolution & quality

Beautiful & Original photography

Capture it all

If you do cool things, photograph it! No better way to share and create content than with original photography. High quality photos showcase your company atmosphere, style, and brand all while improving your online digital presence.

YouTube, the daddy of them all

Videography that tells a deeper story

Effectively communicate your businesses’ message

There is a lot of distractions, attention grabbers, and flashy graphics in the digital world. Without videography, you will be lost in the sea of all the other content online. Whether you need us to storyboard, capture the perfect moment, or edit the one you already have, we can take your video to the next level and reach the masses.


How Blog Subscriptions Work

Step 1

For each client, Mondo’s Strategy Managers with years of experience conduct extensive interviews, market research, and planning to identify:

  1. Content market gaps
  2. Best long-tail keywords
  3. Quarterly topic generation and approval
  4. Market and competitor analysis
  5. Audience and tone
  6. Content marketing business objectives

Step 2

With the information we acquire through onboarding, we are able to identify which topics the client should be writing for and why they should be writing those topics.

Then, each week you will receive a new blog post, written in the correct tone for the correct audience, with your business goals in mind.

The Word Count

At Mondo, we believe that word count is irrelevant from a reader’s perspective, and should also be from the writer’s perspective. If a topic needs 900 words to be properly explained to the audience, then it should be 900 words. If a topic needs 2500 words to be educational and informative, then it should be. That being said, longer content does better in SERPs. Our content never goes below 800 words. This is all included in the monthly cost.

Blog Subscription FAQs

How do I get started?

Simply click order now and a Mondo strategy manager will call/email you to begin the onboarding process.

How do edits work?

Each Mondo piece is backed by unlimited edit requests. Edits can be requested via phone, email, or simply by commenting in the Google Doc.

What is a blog summary video?

Each blog post you receive will also include a blog summary video, perfect for social media.

What happens after I activate?

During the activation process, you will submit your phone number and contact information to us. Once the order is complete, a Mondo team member will reach out to you, to schedule the kickoff call. This is usually completed within 3-5 days after your order. The kickoff call typically includes you, Mondo, and anyone you want on the call. The call usually takes 45 minutes – 1.5 hours. During that call, we will gather the information we need to be successful, and also discuss timelines and delivery.

We already have keywords, can you work with them?

Probably, yes. If we feel the keywords are strong enough to generate results, we will use them.

What is the typical turnaround time?

You can expect to start receiving content approximately 2 weeks after launching your project with us. The first week is dedicated to research and planning. In week two, our writing team begins crafting your content. After the second week, you will receive a new blog post each week.

What languages are supported?

Our content is written in English only, but we do provide a Spanish translation for an extra cost.